Lyn Trapuzzano

Lyn Trapuzzano is the owner and head trainer of Off Leash K9 Training, Erie.  Lyn is a lifelong lover of dogs, and has been rescuing all kinds of animals since childhood.  She can’t remember a time when dogs have not been a part of her life.  Growing up with a menagerie of domestic and wild animals, her experience and passion were cultivated.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Muskingum College and then a MBA from Seton Hill University.  She spent more than 15 years in the business world while continuing to sharpen her skills and understanding of animal behavior in her spare time.  She has served as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator through the PA Game Commission, became the director of a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center, as well as spent time working with a wide variety of exotic animals, all of which gave her a comprehensive knowledge of animal behavior and how our energy impacts that behavior.

It was a natural transition to apply her skills to her lifetime love of working with dogs.  After coming to Off Leash K9 Training, she left her corporate job to dedicate herself fully to her longtime passion of helping others to recognize and understand the wisdom, spirit and individuality that we share with dogs.  She prides herself in helping owners deepen their relationship and communication with their canine companions.

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